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is that woohees bra slipping out? btw you got some of subins sexy gifs? didn't figure out she got nice tits too. thx
eyecandieskpop eyecandieskpop Said:

I’m not sure what that shiny thing is, probably just a part of the costume. You see it quite often; if you watch their performances, so I assume it’s not her bra or push-up bra slipping out, or the stylist would be fired by now :P

Yeah I’ll look into Subin, I have one on the way. I wanted to make gif for her appearance on ‘Plus Nine Boys’ but the youtube vid is really grainy, I’ll try to find a better source.

Kang Jiyoung

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Girl’s Day Yura

Rainbow’s Jisook

T-ara Jiyeon

T-ara Jiyeon

Clara Lee doing yoga

EXID’s Junghwa and Hani BTS MAXIM KOREA Photoshoot

Subin’s bikini scene in ‘Plus Nine Boys’ EP.5

Despite the 1080P it’s still grainy as fuck… -_-